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New World: Where to Find DLC Pre-Order Items

New World Where to Find DLC Pre-Order Items

If you have already purchased Deluxe Edition or pre-ordered New World. There are many DLC items you can get. Following is the list of all the DLC items you will get:

– Woodsman Armor Skin

– Mastiff House Pet

– Fist Bump Emote

– Mastiff House Pet

– Woodsman Hatchet Skin

– Character Title

However, many players are not able to find them in-game so here we have prepared a quick guide on where to find DLC Pre-Order Items in New World.

Where to Find DLC Pre-Order Items in New World

To access DLC Pre-Order Items, there are certain points to note. One of the first things you need to know is that the Mastiff House Pet will not be available until you reach level 10 with location reputation. Once you reach level 10 and obtain a house, you will find a Mastiff pet inside. On the other hand, other items you can claim as soon as the starting of the game. Following are the details:

Fist Bump Emotes

All types of Emotes are cosmetic and so they do not serve any exploratory or battle functions. To find out Emotes in the game, you simply need to press the P button and you will see an Emote screen and you will notice Rock, Paper, and Scissors emotes on the top of the list.

Woodsman Hatchet Skin & Woodsman Armor Skin

Open up your inventory section and hover over any of the items you’re wearing like paints or chest pieces. And then click on that item to select it. This will let you explore the item menu. And then select the option ‘Change Skin’. And then you will be able to find several different skins you have just unlocked.

Expedition One Title/Character Title

Open up the Character screen by pressing the K button and then select the Bio screen. Here you can select a title. Just select Title and then select ‘Expedition One’ in order to utilize the unlocked title for pre-ordering the game.

That’s how you can find DLC Pre-Ordered Items in New World.

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