New World

New World – Where to Find Charcoal

New World - Where to find Charcoal

New World game is all about crafting systems with several different types of materials to collect, mine, and harvest. In the beginning, there will be a few recipes that will be needed charcoal to cook. Mainly, it can be used to make Gunpowder which is essential for bullets. So, if you are in search of where to find Charcoal in the New World, you are here at the right place.

Where to Find Charcoal in New World

In order to find Charcoal in the New World, first of all, you will need some wood to burn, as we do in real life. And to get Wood, you will need an axe which you can craft yourself under tools. Once you have an axe, you can obtain as much wood as you can in the game, you just need to run towards the tree and hit the interaction key, and collect wood. However, here you will need a particular logging skill to collect wood pieces. So, we recommend farming woods at the beginning of the game, and this way, you can easily build up your logging skill.

Now come to the settlement and find the smelter and look for the charcoal icon which you will find on the left side of your screen. At a settlement, you need to throw wood inside a smelter station which is Tier 2+. It is important to note that each charcoal piece will require 3 blocks of wood to craft.

That’s all – This way you can easily turn wood into charcoal. Once you crafted charcoal successfully, you can use it to make gunpowder from which you can make bullets in New World.

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