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New World Voidmetals Locations – Where to Find

New World Voidmetals Locations - Where to FInd

Resources in New World are absolutely essential that help you level up and can be used to create several important items. These resources are mainly divided into 3 categories – Crafting, Gathering, and Refining. Some gathering resources include ore, stone, animal hide, and refined resources are leather, gemstones, and ingots. Voidmetal is a Tier III Ingot in New World. It can be used in Engineering and Weaponsmithing. It can also be used in recipes for Arcana. Let’s learn in the following where to find Voidmetals in New World.

Where to find Voidmetals in New World

You can find Voidmetals material only in the Wilds. However, the best way to get it is to harvest by using certain tools. Voidmetals can be harvested from Iron Vein Resource Nodes and you can find Iron Vein nodes in First Light, Everfall, Monarch’s Bluff, and Windsward.

When you’re in these locations, look for some dark rocks that have brown veins covering them. Usually, you can search for them in the highlands and mostly found on rocks.

There are several Irons Veins available at the beginning of every region, but First Light is the best location to find them. When you are in the First Light regions, go to the upper left on the map, and then you can start finding it near the south of the Settlement. Other locations for Voidmetals Northside and East.

The second method to get Voidmetals in New World is to buy them from Trading Posts. There you will find if any other player placed it on a Sell Order. Go to the Trading Post and search for this item by clicking on “Search Items” and write “Voidmetal”. If you want to get the best deal, you can sort the list by its price range from Lowest to Highest.

That’s all for this guide on Where to Find Voidmetals in New World.

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