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New World Twitch Drop – How to Claim

New World Twitch Drop - How to Claim

The new Drops campaign is a fun way to acquire in-game loot. For this, players need to watch their favorite channels on Twitch. For promotional testing periods, New World developer has partnered with streaming services and also an Amazon Subsidiary Twitch to offer gamers a present who want to enjoy streams on the platform. Isn’t that a unique and entertaining way to get exclusive access to watch your favorite channels on the Twitch platform? Let’s learn in the following, how to claim New World Twitch Drop?

How to Claim New World Twitch Drop?

1. Log in to your Twitch account and make sure to set the status to Online.

2. Watch any New World stream which is marked clearly with the ‘Drops Enabled’ tag on Twitch.

3. When you complete the tasks, you will receive a Drop, and then select ‘Claim Now’ from your Twitch Drops inventory page.

4. Then select ‘Connect’ on Drop and you will see a new page of New World Twitch Drops.

5. Once you get into the Twitch inventory and claim your New World drop, ensure to link up your Steam account with your Twitch account.

Are you wondering which channels do you need to watch to get Drops? Well, you can view a combination of multiple channels that offer the Drop. Typically, the status of a Drop can be found typically at the top of the chat window.

When you link up everything, do not hesitate to fire up the New World client and click on the ‘Connect Twitch Account’ which you will find on the main menu screen.

In order to check how many Drops you have earned, you need to log in to your Twitch account, enter the game, and you will find the details of all the Drops you have earned in the character’s inventory.

Important note: Drops won during Beta testing will appear in-game when the New World will launch on 31st August 2021.

That’s how you can Claim New World Twitch Drop. 

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