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New World Tomatoes Locations – Where to Find

New World Tomatoes Locations

New World is a survival game developed by Amazon Games and released on 28th September 2021. In New World, you’ll get a range of resources and ingredients to craft things or cook food to survive. Some of those resources are common to find, and some are very rare. Tomatoes are one of those hard-to-find materials.

In this article, we’ll discuss the locations of Tomatoes in the New World.

Where to Find New World Tomatoes Locations

Tomatoes are tier 1 ingredients that you can find in the early levels of the game. But finding tomatoes is not that easy. You can only find them inside Provision Crates. Though you can find them all over the map, some places are more appropriate than others to get tomatoes. Mourningdale, Cutlass Keys, and Monarch’s Bluffs are the places where you will get a lot of tomatoes from the Provision Crates.

If you are in the game’s early stages, go to Monarch’s Bluffs to find tomatoes. You can access this place when you are in level 1. So the new players can easily access this region to get tomatoes from the crates.

Cutlass Keys is the second region that you can access after you progress a little through the game. To access this region, you need to reach level 28 at least. Cutlass Keys has many Provision Crates, and most of them are in the southern part of the region. To explore that area, you have to face enemies ranging from level 32 to level 35. Therefore, before going to hunt chests there, level up yourself.

Mourningdale is the territory that needs a minimum level of 45 to access that place. Mourningdale does not contain a lot of chests, there are only a few Provision Crates, so you’ll not get a considerable amount of tomato from there.

If you don’t want to find them, you always have the option to purchase them from Trading Posts, where other players are selling them. Go to Trading Post and type ‘Tomatoes,’ and you’ll get the prices there. Compare the prices before you buy.

This is how you can get tomatoes in New World. If you are a new player and confused about where to find tomatoes, you can take the help of this guide to solve your problem.

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