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New World Thyme Locations- Where to Find

New World Thyme Locations

In New World, players can find various herbs and spices which they can use to level up their cooking trade skills. So it is necessary to collect those herbs and them in your inventory. One of the essential herbs that you need to use in cooking is Thyme. Thyme level up your cooking trade skill.

If you know where to find them, then it’s easy for you to get them; but for people who don’t know where to get Thyme, for them in this guide, we’re going to discuss the locations of Thyme.

New World Thyme Locations- Where to Find

There are several locations where you can find Thyme in New World. You can found them in Windsward, Everfall, Monarch’s Buff, Ebonscale, and Reekwater. Harvesting herbs don’t need any level; you only need to have a sickle to harvest them.

You need to find purple and green colored plants labeled as herbs. If you are searching for thymes, you have to stick to these locations mentioned above, especially to Windsward and Reekwater region. The chance of getting thymes is more in the region of Windsward. As every herb you harvest won’t contain thyme, it’s a better option for you to stick to the areas of Ebonscale and Reekwater.

Finding thyme is not very hard in New World. Follow the guide, and you can find it easily.

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