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New World String Beans Locations – Where to Find

New World String Beans Locations- Where to Find

New World is a newly released MMORPG available in only Microsoft Windows. In New World, you can find a lot of ingredients to cook delicious recipes. One of those ingredients is String Beans. String Beans are the essential ingredient of many recipes, but it is not easy to get them.

In this article, we’ll guide you to the locations where you can find the String Beans.

New World String Beans Locations- Where to Find

The only way to get the String Beans is to hunt the Provision Crates of some particular areas. If you want to find String Beans, hunt the Provision Crates of Everfall, Ebonscale Reach, and Reekwater.

Among these three areas, as mentioned above, Everfall is the easiest one to access. You can access this region at the earliest stages (at level 1) of the game. You’ll get the Provision Crates on the northern side of this region. But Everfall doesn’t have many Crates to hunt. But it is better to stick to this area until you get enough levels to fight with powerful enemies.

Ebonscale Reach is the second area you can visit. However, it’s a high-level region that you can access after you reach level 51. You’ll get plenty of Provision Crates in this area, but to hunt them, you have to defeat the enemies first.

Reekwater is another high-level area that you cannot access until you reach level 58. This area has excellent drops, and also it has more powerful enemies than Ebonscale Reach. This is one of the last areas you can access in the game.

Lastly, if you don’t want to find out String Beans yourself, you can purchase them from Trading Posts. Go to Trading Posts and search for ‘String Beans,’ and you’ll get the prices. Remember to compare the prices before you purchase.

If you are facing a problem while finding String Beans, you can go through the above guide to know the locations of String Beans in the New World.

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