New World Snails Locations and How to Catch Them

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

New World is the latest new MMO from Amazon Games which has left the Closed Beta version at the beginning of August and its final version is going release on September 28 exclusively on PC. Before the release of this very popular game, we are presenting several guides to help new players to get started. In New World, Fishing is one of the essential parts which you will need to play through the main quest. Aquatic Snails are also one of the marine creatures which you need to catch and earn rewards. Let’s find out how do you catch snails in New World.

How do You Catch Snails in New World

Snails are one of the marine creatures which are very easy to catch in Fresh Water regions. In order to catch them, you need to cast your line and wait for some time till you have a snail in your line. Just ensure to catch it in low-lying shallow areas as these are the spots where you can find several Snails and Clams.

New World Snail
New World Snail

Also, you can get them at night or day anytime. Once you catch anyone, you will acquire 125 XP. The average size range of Snails is 3.01 to 4.98 inch and the maximum weight of a Snail is 0.99 lb.

Where to get Snails – Locations

Following are some of the particular spots where you can easily find and catch Snails in the New World. 

– Brightwood

– FirstLight

– Everfall

– Edengrove

– Monarch’s Bluffs

Amongst these locations, Everfall offers the best chances.

Upon catching a Snail, you will obtain 2 to 4 units of Snail Bait as well as 1 unit of Snail Slime.

That’s everything you need to know about How Do You Catch Snails in New World.

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