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New World Salt Locations- Where to Find Salt

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New World is an adventure survival game recently released by Amazon Games. It will take you to a fictional island Aeternum and to survive there, players have to explore the place, craft items, harvest resources, complete quests, fight with monsters, and get control of their settlement.

Cooking is an integral part of this game. You have to cook food to survive and regain your health. While cooking, you can’t ignore the importance of salt. In this article, we’ll guide you to find salt in New World.

New World Salt Locations- Where to Find Salt

In New World, ingredients spawn in certain areas, and you can’t find them outside those areas. In the case of salt, currently, you can find salt in Everfall and Brightwood. You can get salt only from Provision Crates, and it has 30-35 minutes of respawn time once you open it or any other player.

In Everfall, you’ll get a lot of crates, and you need to hunt them all because they all have a chance of dropping salt among other cooking items. In the Brightwood area, the best location to get salt is the southern side of Genevieve Lake. While in Brightwood, be aware that the Provision Crates here are guarded by creatures of levels 26 to 29. Therefore, if you are in a lower level, don’t go to Brightwood to find salt. Stick to Everfall if your level is under 25.

Cooking is incomplete without salt, and in New World also, you can use salt for cooking a lot of recipes such as Baked Fish Filer, Carbonara, Cheesy Broccoli Soup, Wrapped Scallops, Coconut Custard, Filet with Mint and Cracked Barley, Frozen Basalt Dye, Honey Roasted Ham, Pork Belly Fried Rice, Fish, and Chips, so on and so forth.

That’s all you need to do to find salt in New World. Though players can’t find it everywhere, it becomes easier to find salt once they get to the locations. So, if you face difficulty finding salt, take the help of this guide, and you’ll get the proper locations where you can find it.

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