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New World Sage Location – Where to Find

New World Sage Location - Where to Find

There are a total of 12 Herb ingredients in New World and Sage is one of Herb resources used to add a soothing and spicy note to cuisine. If you want to create some more complicated and tastier recipes in New World, these types of Herbs ingredients play a very important role. There are certain recipes in this game in which you will be needed Sage to add. However, the trickiest part is that where to find it and there are many players who have no idea so here, we have prepared a quick guide on where to find Sage in New World.

Where to find Sage in New World

Like other Herbs in New World, you will also get Sage from herb plants which are one of the common resources scattered throughout the game. As we have said, the difficult part is there in which region you need to visit to find it.

Well, to find Sage, you will have to search it in Everfall, Reekwater, and Brightwood areas. However, Reekwater has a reasonable amount of herbs, we recommend going to the west side of the Everfall where you can find several Herbs. Search around the Monarch’s Bluff’s border and at the beginning of the location, you can find them.

Once you get it, make sure to have a sickle tool to make them. However, it doesn’t require any harvesting level to pick them up.

That’s all for this guide on Where to Find Sage in New World.

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