New World

New World: Rivercress Stems Locations

New World Rivercress Stems Locations

The release date of New World is preponed to September 28, 2021, and the fans of this incredible game are very much excited to try their hands on an upcoming MMORPG game by Amazon Games. In this game, there are several resources and materials you will need to collect. If you want to craft any powerful weapon or brew mystical consumables, resources are essential. Rivercress Stems are one of the most important and gatherable resources which are classified as a Magical Plant. Many players do not know about the exact Rivercress Stems Locations in New World. Here we present you a complete guide.  

Where to Find Rivercress Stems Locations in New World

Usually, Rivercress Stems can be found near all types of water sources such as a Lake or River. However, if you want to know the exact locations, explore these areas:

– Broadfishing spot

– Riverseat

– Millberry Hill’s fishing spot

– Any waterbody in Windsward region

– Forelalc

– Primrose

– and Lake beside Moe’s Farm

All in all, there is a high chance to find Rivercress Stems near any river. When you go through the above-mentioned locations, you will find several Rivercress Plants. You can harvest its stem by using a sickle. In this process, you will also get River Leafe, Water Motes, and Rivercress Flower. But remember, you can only harvest Rivercress once you reach level 30.

New World - Rivercress Stem
New World – Rivercress Stem

Once you can raise your harvest skills high enough, you can also use Rivercress to complete a few quests and to harvest water mote for several crafting recipes. Some of them are:

– Water Wisp

– Cut Flawed Aquamarine

– Weak Oakfish Balm

– Elemental Heart

That’s all for this guide on New World: Rivercress Stems Locations.

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