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New World Open Beta Not Getting Email or Steam Download Option

New World Open Beta Not Geting Email or Steam Downlaod Option

New World is set to release on the 28th of this month and it seems the game won’t be delayed any further. But, you can jump on the beta right now. The beta for the game is free for everyone to play and stream. To get the beta, all you need to do is go to the New World page and request beta access and you should get an email from Steam that your beta request was accepted. However, a lot of players are not receiving the email for the beta and consequently are unable to download the game. If you have faced the situation, we may have a workaround.

We tried to get the beta access in two different Steam accounts and got the access in one account while not the other. You should note that the account that did not get the access was the account that participated in the closed beta and has the game preordered. While the account that does not have the game purchased or did not participate in the Alpha or the closed beta got access and is able to download within five minutes of requesting the beta.

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We browsed forums and it seems it’s not just us, a lot of players who participated in the earlier programs are not getting access.

Hence, to fix the issue, we suggest that you create a new Steam account and request access to the beta. We tried this fix and again got the access email within half-hour.

You should also note that the download option on Steam was available much before we actually got the email. So, you may want to check the Steam Library if the beta is already there.

Anyways the purpose of the beta is to introduce the game to more people before release and hopefully get preorders, so it makes sense that they are giving preference to accounts that have not interacted with the game yet.       

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