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New World Long Queue and “@mm_loginservices_InternalServerErrorException” Error

New World Long Queue and 'loginservices_InternalServerErrorException' Error

At the time of writing this post, there are over 200,000 players on Amazon’s New World closed beta. And even though the developers have added 10 new servers in various regions, it may not be sufficient to cater to the growing player base. This is causing the New World long queue and often the New World “loginservices_InternalServerErrorException.”

Some players are even reporting to be in a queue as long as 7200. So, until those players get out of the queue, there is no chance you are getting a chance at the game.

The developers are aware of the long queues and working to fix the issue. Even though Amazon has had a bad reputation in game development, they have proven to be pretty good at bouncing back and are effectively addressing the current issues with the game.

Here is what they had to say about the entire issue, “Our team is working hard to address server stability and login queues. Our goal is to get all Adventurers into Aeternum as soon as possible. We appreciate your support and patience!”

In an attempt to reduce the queue, the developers have added these new servers.

SlaekkRiaxEl DoradoXeasiq
YeuvalVieladon Leuthorr

If you want to get out of the New World Long Queue, your best option is to stay in the queue and not suspend the game as a lot of players before you would quit the game and you will move ahead faster. So, if you are really determined to play, we suggest that you wait in the queue. The longer the queue, the more players would quit.

Some players are also reporting seeing the New World “Failed to join Login queue. Please try again” or the “@mm_loginservices_InternalServerErrorException” error after being in the queue for over an hour. The error is most likely because the servers are running out of capacity. There is nothing you can do to fix the error. Hopefully, all these problems should resolve on their own after the initial buzz of the game dies.

We hope that the devs can add more servers as there would be even more players when the game releases on the 31st Aug.  

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