New World: Large Salmon Location and How to Catch Them

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

Fishing is one of the relaxing activities you can do in the New World. You can catch different types of fish but one of the most demanded fish is a Large Salmon. You will be often asked to complete a quest in which you need to catch a large Salmon from 1 to 3 of them. Since, this is the toughest fish to catch in New World, here we guide you about the location of a Large Salmon and how to catch them in New World with ease.

Where to Find Large Salmon in New World

Salmon comes in all sizes in the Broad Fishing Hotspot in Windsward which is located outside Cooper’s Ranch at the west of Greenhaven. To spot it easily, a fish icon is highlighted on the map.

For this, a fishing rod is mandatory which you will get after speaking to Master Fisher Michael Shield at the Broad Fishing Hotspot. He will give you a quick quest, just complete it and he will offer you a fishing rod.

Also, you can catch it in saltwater. However, if you are not near to this spot, still you can find and catch salmon in this game. The other best locations of the Large Salmon are the Ebonscale Reach and Everfall. The nearer lake is filled with several large fishes.

How to Catch Large Salmon in New World

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The catching rates of this fish are pretty low in the Broad Fishing Hotspot so you will need to put in a little bit of effort and time both. Here we present you a quick guide on how to catch Large Salmon in New World.

To catch them, you can go to any freshwater fishing location in Windsward and Everfall. Remember that no bait or no level is required to catch Large Salmon. Just go to this spot, whip out your pole, and start fishing in it.

One of the best ways to catch this fish in the New World is to use deep water as it is the most efficient. You get bites here quickly. Also, ensure to avoid the active fishing hotspots because they only give you higher opportunities for rare fishes, and Salmon is considered as a ‘Common’ fish. However, it will easily take 10 minutes to several hours to catch only one Large Salmon. So, if you’ll be asked to catch more fish, probably it is not worth your time.

One important thing to consider is that you will need to complete the town project board mission in order to get 5 or more Large Salmon fish.

That’s all for this guide on Large Salmon Location and How to Catch Them.

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