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New World – How to Upgrade Camp Tier

New World - How to Upgrade Camp Tier

Camp plays a very significant role in the game of New World. If you die, it serves as a respawn point, you can rest in your camp to recover HP promptly, and also, you can craft several basic items at your camp. Thus, it is very important to acquire a Camp and upgrade it. When you progress in the main story in New World, eventually, you will arrive at Everfall. This is the point where you will be able to set up your first basic camp. However, you will need to keep upgrading your Camp Tier throughout the game. If you have no idea how to upgrade Camp Tier in New World, go through the following ultimate guide.

How to Upgrade Camp Tier in New World

In New World, there are several Tiers you will need to unlock different tiers through certain world quests. As you level up in the game, they will become available. Before we move forward to know how to upgrade Camp Tier in New World, it is important to know that you can access the bottom level, Camping Tier 1 at Level 5, whereas, you can unlock Camping Tier 5 at Level 55. 

If you are curious to upgrade your camp, you have to wait until you reach Level 15 to access the quest – “Survivalist, Friends in Fashion”. Now, without any further ado, let’s find out how to Upgrade Camp Tier in New World. Following are the easy and simple steps to follow:

1. As we have just mentioned, first of all, you will have to reach Level 15 in order to access the quest – “Survivalist, Friends in Fashion”.

2. Then, go to Monarch’s Bluff and look for a Survivalist whose name is Bergina Thornton.

3. Talk to her and she will give you a quest in which you will need to collect some pieces of tattered silk in Divine Rise.

4. Here, you will need to fight against some daunting skeletons in order to get the Silk. Thus, make sure to have the proper gear level. Also, we advise you to build a camp somewhere nearby so that you can rest if things go wrong.

5. When you obtain silk successfully, head to the Everfall and search for a Survivalist whose name is Odnell Lee. He will give you some special items as a reward. And by using these items, you can easily build Tier 2 campsites.

6. Further, when you reach the subsequent level in the game, you will be offered quite similar yet more difficult quests to upgrade next Camp Tier.

That’s it – This is how you can Upgrade Camp Tier in New World.

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