New World

New World – How to Track Resources

New World - How to Track Resources

In the game of New World, different types of resources can be gathered by gathering skills, crafted by crafting skills, and refined by refining skills. When you progress in the game and when you will unlock more and more missions from the faction leader and your towns, you would have plenty of resources. Thankfully, there is a tracking system in New Worl9d so it will be easier for you which resources you have. If you have no idea, how to track resources, go through the following guide.

How to Track Resources in New World

In order to track several animals and resources in New World, first of all, you need to level up your gathering skills. That means you will level up your gathering skills by gathering at low-level resources points till you fill up a gather meter. And when that meter is filled up, you will earn one level in your respective skill.    

Keep collecting and eventually, you will be able to unlock the resources tracking feature. And when you start tracking it, you can track your resource by using the compass which will be flashed on the top of the screen when you got closer to it.

Also, keep the handy following chart so that you can easily get to know when every resource tracking unlocks in New World.

Resource                            Unlocked at

Wyrdwood                        Level 125 in Logging.

Iron                                     Level 25 in Mining.

Oil                                        Level 45 in Mining.

Alchemy Stones               Level 75 in Mining.

Lodestone                          Level 155 in Mining.

Orichalcum                        Level 200 in Mining.

Medium Prey                    Level 50 in Skinning and Tracking.

Small Predator                  Level 125 in Skinning and Tracking.

Farm Plants                       Level 20 in Harvesting.

Magical Creatures           Level 175 in Harvesting.

Silkweed                            Level 125 in Harvesting.

Ironwood                           Level 175 in Logging.

Silver                                   Level 35 in Mining.

Gold                                    Level 70 in Mining.

Star metal                          Level 125 in Mining.

Platinum                            Level 135 in Mining.

Small Prey                          Level 25 in Tracking and Skinning.

Large Prey                         Level 75 in Tracking and Skinning.

Large Predator                 Level 175 in Tracking and Skinning,

Hemp                                  Level 25 in Harvesting.

Magical Plants                  Level 45 in Harvesting.

Wirefiber                           Level 200 in Harvesting

That’s everything you need to know How to Track Resources in New World.

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