New World

New World – How to Start a Duel

New World - How to Start a Duel

In the game of New World, a Duel system was added in the update of December 2020. In this, a player can add up to 5 players per side. However, many players are still wondering how to start a Duel in New World. Dueling is one of the best ways for players to PvP one another without any outcomes to gear strengths and it serves as the best way to try your PvP skills. The steps to start a Duel are quite simple and easy. Check out the following quick guide.

How to Start a Duel in New World

Order to start a Duel in New World is quite simple and it can be done to any of the players. First of all, you will need to form a group. A single player can start a duel against a group of two more players to initiate 1vX. Go through the following steps to start a Duel in New World.

1. First, move your cursor over the player you want to duel.

2. You will see an ‘H’ will pop up, press this key and open up the player menu.

3. Here, you will need to select ‘Duel Player’ within the menu and if the other player accepts it, then you will get a notification stating that the duel has been initiated. Also, you will get a notification in case an invitation doesn’t accept.

However, it is important to note that you will only be able to Duel with the player once you complete level 10 successfully. If you have not yet touched level 10, you will need to continue to complete the quests.

Also, you can single out a player in a group to start a duel by selecting the solo duel option. It allows you to continue 1v1 duels without leaving your group.

That’s everything you need to know How to Start a Duel in New World.

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