New World

New World: How to Quickly Build the Fire Staff

New World How to Quickly Build the Fire Staff

In New World, there are mainly 4 categories of Weapons – One-handed, two-handed, ranged, and magical weapons. Fire Staves or alternatively, Fire Staffs are one type of Magical Weapon in this game. This mana-based weapon damage scales with super intelligence and it offers two skills trees – Fire Mage and Pyromancer. Furthermore, its AOE damage and great single target make this weapon top-tier. In this guide, we will learn how to craft the Fire Staff in New World.

How to Quickly Build the Fire Staff in New World

To quickly make the Fire Staff in New World, here is the complete guide.

There are a total of 7 different crafting branches in this game. These branches can be used to craft and cook. Each of these can be upgraded to its particular maximum level. If you want to update the Fire Staff, then you will need to work on the Arcana.

In order to craft the Fire Staff in New World, head to the crafting area which is a specially selected area in New World. Upon reaching, open up the crafting menu, and also you will need to level up your Arcana, specifically, Experience or Knowledge you’ve with staves.

It is not mandatory to find out Fire Staff at Tier 1 in the Arcana branch, but you can make it to Tier 2. Besides, in Tier 2, you can also unlock the other option to make an Iron Fire Staff. When you proceed further in New World, you will be able to pass each necessity in the Arcana crafting branch, essential to make new versions of the Fire Staves.

Some of the other options in this game include the Starmetal Fire Staves, Steel Fire Staves, and the Orichalcum Fire Staves. At level 50, The final Staves will be available in the staff branch.

That’s how you can quickly make the Fire Staff in New World.

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