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New World – How to make Linen | Find Hemp Plant/Fiber

New World - How to make Linen Find Hemp Plant and Make Fiber

Thanks to the Closed Beta version of the New World game, players can have a glimpse of this game before its release on 31st August. In New World, there are several different types of resources you will need to find out throughout the game. These resources help you to craft stations. Fiber is also one of the essential resources to make such stations. You will find it from Hemp plants and in the following guide, we are going to learn where to find Hemp Plant and how to make fiber out of them.

Where to Find Hemp Plants in New World

In order to farm Hemp, you must have a sickle. You can make it in your warehouse. However, you will only need one. When you have it, all you need to do is to start harvesting the Hemp plant by pressing ‘E’.

Generally, you will find this plant in Forests and Grasslands throughout the game. However, there are some particular locations that you should know to save time.

1. Chason Steep in Northeast of Monarch’s Bluff

2. Crone’s Rest in Southeast of Devil’s Quarry

3. Dayspring Mills in Northeast of First Light Village

4. Fisherman’s Bend to the west of Windsward

5. Olcott Family Farm in the Southwest of Everfall Hamlet

These are the main locations where you can find Hemp plants to get Fiber. Also, you can find the best places by opening your map. For this:

1. Press ‘M’ and open up your card 

2. Look at your screen’s left side, you will see a bar with 4 buttons. Click on ‘Resource locations’

3. A panel will be opened and here you can find a particular resource.

Once you obtain Hemp plant and so Fiber, now we will learn how to make Linen out of it.

How to get Linen in the New World

Now you have Fibers and you can use them to craft several items in New World, specifically Linen. To get Linen, you will need to go to a Loom which you will find near the settlements in the New World. 

Important note: There are several levels in this game and each level needs different amounts of fibers to craft. So, make sure to sock them up well before going to any of the stations.

That’s all for this guide about How to make Linen | Find Hemp Plant and Make Fiber in New World.

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