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New World – How to Make a Minor Loot Luck Trophy

New World - How to Make a Minor Loot Luck Trophy

If you need more Luck to collect materials or looking for damage boosts, you will need to make a few Trophies for your house. To earn Trophies in New World is one of the essential parts. Trophies are one system that can raise your damage output and luck with some collecting profession. Minor Loot Luck is one of the Trophies in New World that boosts up loot luck from battle. Let’s find out how to make or craft a Minor Loot Luck Trophy in New World.

How to Craft or Make Minor Loot Luck Trophy in New World

In order to make the Minor Loot Luck Trophy in New World, you will first need to collect 4 different ingredients. The recipe will only appear when the Rabbit’s Foot is in your bank or inventory.

Following are details of the ingredients required to craft the Minor Loot Luck Trophy.

– 25x Lumber (You can make a Lumber item by mixing 4 aged wooden pieces and 2 timber in a Woodworking station)

– 20x Steel Ingot (To get Steel Ingot, you need to combine Charcoal, any Flux you’ve, and Iron Ingots)

– 1x Maple Stain (To obtain Maple Stain, mix 4 oil and 10 weak solvents at a Tier 3 Workshop)

– 1x Rabbit’s Foot (It is the main ingredient. Because if you don’t have a Rabbit’s Foot in your inventory, you can’t see its recipe. You can get this Rabbit’s Foot by gathering a rabbit. To find Rabbits, go to the First Light settlement and Everfall. However, the chances to get it are pretty low. However, you can easily increase chances by increasing the Skinning Luck or apply particular Skinning perks to the armor or knife.

Once you collect all of these ingredients, the Minor Loot Luck trophy can be crafted at a Tier 3 Workshop when you are at Level 100 in the Furnishing skill.

Once you create this item, then you can keep them in a house you have to get the benefits anytime in New World.

That’s all for this guide on How to Make a Minor Loot Luck Trophy in New World.

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