New World: How to Increase Inventory Space/Capacity

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

Throughout your adventure in New World, you will need to collect a wide variety of items. Also, you will be collecting several foods, drinks, weapons, potions, and armor including different types of crafting resources throughout the gameplay. Eventually, your inventory will become full and you will need to increase the space or capacity of inventory so that you can carry more items. Luckily, it is possible in New World. Let’s learn how to increase inventory space/capacity in New World.

How to Increase Inventory Space/Capacity in New World

In order to increase the space/capacity of your inventory, the best way is to get a special bag which is called the Coarse Leather Bag. This bag you will find while visiting Outfitting Station in the city you are in. It lies under the category of All-Purpose Bags.

Following is the list of all items you will need to craft this bag.

– 45 Coarse Leather (This material can be crafted from the Tannery)

– 10 Iron Ingots (This will be crafted from the Smelter that comes from Iron Ore)

– 1 Minor Rune of Holding (You will get it from the faction commander which you will find in the city)

– 25 Linen (You will find in a Loom station that comes from 4 Fibers)

When you collect all of these 4 ingredients, go back to the Outfitting Station and craft your Coarse Leather Bag which will increase your inventory capacity or space in New World.

It is important to note that the inventory is divided into two parts – Left Side (equipped items) & Right Side (inventory items):

Left Side:

– Armor

– Ammunition

– Accessories

Right Side:

– Weapons

– Consumables

– Tools

That’s everything you need to know about How to Increase Inventory Space/Capacity in New World. Also check out our next post – New World: How to Buy and Customize a House.

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