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New World – How to Get Saltpeter

New World - How to Get Saltpeter

Are you trying to make Gunpowder in New World and stuck because you don’t have one important resource? If yes, then it must be Saltpeter. It is one of the difficult yet very important resources in the New World. Saltpeter is one of the preferred resources which can be used in several crafting recipes. But the most essential stuff, this resource can create is Gunpowder that can be used to create cartridges for the Musket weapon. So, are you wondering how to get Saltpeter in New World? Let’s find out here:

How to Get Saltpeter in New World

Saltpeter can be obtained across caves of Aeternum. While exploring a burrow or cave, watch out for the large-sized rocks which are lying on the ground with white streaks on top. This is the best spot where you can easily find Saltpeter. Once you’re in a cave, make sure to look for some whitish substance on the ground. Remember, the larger the deposit, the more Saptpetre you will get from the ground. If it is a small deposit, it will give you about 5 Saltpetre only and the larger one can give double of it.

However, if you’re in search of this most important material in your journey, another good spot to find Saltpeter is in the Torrentdawn caves at the beginning of the game. Also, do not miss to check near Wolf Burros and First Light.

Once you will collect enough Saltpetre, come back to the settlement workshop station and start making some Gunpowder.

In order to craft Gunpowder, you will require 5 Charcoal, 2 Flint, and 1 Saltpeter. Make sure to store enough Linen and Iron Ingots materials while crafting Cartridges.

That’s a complete guide on How to Get Saltpeter in New World.

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