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New World: How to Get Pigments

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In New World, throughout the game, there are several different types of resources you need to find and collect. One of the essential resources you will need to find out is Pigments which are very useful to make different dyes. And when you craft materials in these dyes, it will boost up your Cooking trade skill. Also, you can use them to farm some types of furniture. Below we are going to discuss on How to Get Pigments in New World.

How to Get Pigments in New World

There are a total of 12 different types of Pigments you can obtain in the New World. Here is the list of all Pigments in New World.

1. Black Pigment

2. Blue Pigment

3. Brown Pigment

4. Cyan Pigment

5. Green Pigment

6. Magenta Pigment

7. Orange Pigment

8. Purple Pigment

9. Red Pigment

10. Turquoise Pigment

11. White Pigment

12. Yellow Pigment

In order to obtain these Pigments in New World, all you need to do is to harvest them from Fungi. However, the color of the Fungi is depended on the Pigments color you choose. For example, Blue Pigments can be acquired from Blue Fungus, Green Pigments can be acquired from Green Fungus, Red Pigments can be acquired from Red Fungus, and so on. You can also purchase Pigments from trading posts.

In order to harvest Pigments, you will first need a sickle and to level up the Harvesting Collecting skill by using magical creatures and harvesting plants. One important point to remember here is that you will have to harvest a resource totally in order to get the trade skill XP.

That’s all for this guide on How to get Pigments in New World.

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