New World

New World – How to Get Aged Wood

New World - How to Get Aged Wood

In the game of New World, there are several different types of resources available which players need to collect in order to craft several items. One of the important resources is Aged Wood which can be used to make Lumber at the Woodshop station and Lumber is an essential ingredient that helps to create some powerful weapons and harvesting tools. To craft Lumber, you will be needing 2 Timber and 4 Aged Wood. If you’re wondering how to get Aged Wood in New World, let’s find out below.

New World – How to Get Aged Wood

To get Aged Wood in New World, first, you must achieve 50 Logging Skills which can be leveled up by chopping down trees. So, find out the dense forest and cut them down, and increase your skill. Also, it is not required to keep those wood in your inventory, you just need to discard it and roll it with the tree.

A tip: Simply cut down some low-level trees repetitively. These trees are also known as Young Trees. You can easily locate them everywhere in the world.

So, a quick guide – Reach to level 50 in Logging Skills, cut down some Mature Trees. Remember that these trees are larger in size than the normal ones but those can be found in the same location. Once you cut these mature trees successfully, you will be given some Aged Wood as a reward. In order to accomplish the Lumberjack Needed quest, you need to cut down around a dozen of mature trees and reach level 80.

Thus, chopping down Mature Trees is one of the easiest and great ways to level up your Logging Skill in this game. The only tough part is to reach Level 50 that will take a bit of your time.

That’s how you can get Aged Wood in New World.

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