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How to Farm Gold in New World

How to Farm Gold in New World

Just like every other game you would have played, New World also has its currency and its gold coins. There are various ways to get gold and it’s used in a variety of ways. You require gold to make purchases, upgrade and repair weapons, craft new weapons, and much more. So, naturally, you need plentiful supply of gold in the game. There are various ways to farm gold in New World. Some quite easier. In this guide, we will show you how to farm gold in New World via all possible means.

How to Get More Gold in New World

When you start the game, there would be various opportunities to earn gold. You must pay attention to the in-game economy and take advantage of any deals that come your way. Besides that, the usual ways to farm gold in New World are listed below.

Craft Items that Sells for a Lot of Gold

While this method of farming gold assures a large sum at one go and you can do it infinitely, it’s impossible at the start of the game. As you start the game, you won’t be able to craft anything valuable. However, as you progress through the game and level up the Crafting skill, you will be able to create better items that sell for a lot more. Leveling up the crafting profession can take some time, but can be paced if you have others in a guild helping you. Negotiate a deal to help each other out with the resources.

Complete Quests

There are tons of quests in New World and this is the best beginner way to farm gold. To take up quests, you need to go to the settlement. The completion of every quest in the game rewards you gold coins besides other things. The amount of coins you get varies from one quest to the other.

Selling Looted and Gathered Items

There are two ways you can get items in the game – looting and gathering. There is also crafting, but that’s another process. You can get items from loots and gather resources such as iron, silver, steel, etc. in the world of Aethernum. All of the items that you collect can be sold for gold coins. Resources that are rare sell even better.

So, the best ways to farm gold coins in New World is to complete quests, sell items, and craft high-end equipment that can be sold.    

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