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New World – How to Enable or Disable PvP

New World - How to Enable or Disable PvP

PvP is actually a new mode in the game of New World which is also called Outpost Rush. In this, 2 teams of 20 players battle with each other and enemies to control certain fortifications and resources. By killing enemies, players earn points and holding outposts. Also, they can secure points throughout the map. When you start playing the game, PvP mode is not available to the players immediately, it can only be unlocked after you complete some quests. And from that point, you can Enable or Disable PvP OR you can say On and Off. You can do this by an easy process which we are going to learn here. Let’s learn here how to On and Off PvP in New World.

How to Enable or Disable PvP in New World

On and Off PvP in New World is quite simple and easy. You only need to press ‘U’ while playing the game. But, it is important to note that you must be within a Sanctuary in order to enable it.

You will have the choice to join any of the 3 factions and your decision will be determined who you can PVP against in the game.

But the important thing to remember is that PvP will be unlocked once the player reaches level 10. Once you join a faction, you can turn On or Off your PvP flags and start battling other marked PvP players.

One this is sure, with the PvP changes, New World is certain to be a whole new different experience than it once assured, but the developer, Amazon believes it’s for the better.

That’s how you can Enable or Disable (On or Off) PvP in New World. Also, check out our next post – How to Craft Bullets in New World?

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