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New World: How to Defeat Alastor the Vigilant

New World How to Defeat Alastor the Vigilant

In New World, you will spend most of your time-fighting enemies, leveling up, finding, and crafting new gears. However, you can add up other players to take on the tough boss fight. In New World, you will encounter some of the most challenging bosses. Alastor the Vigilant is one of the main and tough bosses of the main story. Many players find it very difficult to defeat this boss as many of them couldn’t even find Alastor upon reaching its spot. So, we present you with a complete guide on how to find and beat Alastor the Vigilant in New World.

How to Spawn Alastor the Vigilant

Typically, the battle with Alastor should start when you reach the end of the Ritual quest. However, many players couldn’t find this boss upon reaching here and there is a reason for this to happen.

Unlike several MMOs, the boss fight in this game occurs in the overworld the same as mob fights. It means, maybe some other group or player has already defeated this boss before you came here. However, the devs offered a few ways to fix this problem.

– You can restart this same quest again in the journal menu

– Or exit completely and start again from the beginning

– Or you can wait until the Alastor the Vigilant boss respawn again. Usually, it takes an hour to respawn once killed

Now let’s get on to the main point – How to defeat Alastor the Vigilant in New World.

How to Defeat Alastor the Vigilant in New World

In general, defeating Alastor boss is not too challenging as you have now learned how to get it, but he has several slicing attacks. So, it is best to keep the distance while fighting. It is recommended to use Melee weapon and Fire Staff weapon as it is safer with ranged weapons.

Use your fire projectiles and melee attacks at Alastor the Vigilant from the distance so its close attacks do not drain your HP. The battle can be easier if you can bring some more players in the battle so that you can alternate attacks.

That’s all for this guide on How to Defeat Alastor the Vigilant in New World.

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