New World

New World – How to Craft Weapons and Armor

New World - How to Craft Weapons and Armor

Crafting Weapons and Armor is an essential part of this game as it revolves heavily around the progression of characters. You can unlock several new gears and power up your character by looting in most of the Massively Multiplayer Online Games. But, in New World, you can’t loot everything. There are a few items and resources which you need to craft to get and Weapons and Armor are one of them. So, here you will learn how to craft weapons and armors in New World.

How to Craft Weapons and Armor in New World

In order to craft Weapons and Armor in New World, it is essential to level up through what is also called Trade Crafting Skills and these skills fall into the trade skill category.

So far, there are a total of 7 crafting skills in the New World.

1. Weaponsmiths: Using this skill, you can craft melee weapons.

2. Armoring: Use this skill and craft armor weapons.

3. Engineering: This skill allows crafting ammo or range weapons.

4. Jewelcrafting: Acquire this skill and unlock the Trinkets crafting.

5. Acrana: This skill unlocks the crafting of magical weapons, potions, and tinctures.

6. Furnishing: By using this skill, you can craft trophies for houses, storage, and furniture.

7. Cooking: By unlocking this skill, you can make food and non-magical drinks in New World

Thus, when you level up a crafting skill, it will unlock more recipes and offers greater versions.

Once you get enough resources, you can then start crafting Weapons and Armor. Each job requires a special crafting station. Commonly, you will find them in Settlements.

When you level up your crafting skills, you will also gain bonuses. Your crafting efficiency will be increased by crafting more and more items in New World.

That’s everything for this guide on How to Craft Weapons and Armor in New World.

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