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New World – How to Change Faction | Are Factions Permanent?

New World - How to Change Faction

Factions are one of the central theme of New World. Each with its own set of principles and motivations. The three factions in the game are namely, the Marauders, the Covenant, and the Syndicate. At this point, it does not make a difference regardless of the faction you choose. However, as you start to play the game you will realize that the faction with the largest territory on that server has some clear advantages over others. As such, you should choose the faction with the largest territory. However, if you have made the choice and wondering how to change faction in New World, we have everything in this guide that you need to know.

How to Change Faction in New World?

To change the faction in New World, you need to be on the character screen, then head to Bio. Now, you should be able to see the option to change the faction. But, before you change the faction, we suggest that you give it some thought as there isn’t an option to change the faction unlimited times. You can change the faction once after which there is a waiting period of 120 days before you can change the faction again.

However, if you want to change the character the second time within 120 days, then, you need to create a new character on a different server and would be presented with the same choice again to choose faction when the character reaches level 12. It can be a grind to reach the required level, but if you farm the XP faster, you can reach there in no time.

There are three ways to farm XP in the game. First, play multiplayer compared to solo. Playing the multiplayer would reward you with more XP. Watch out for PvE events on the world map, these can get you some XP. Finally, raid the monster dens and kill all the monsters inside to get XP points. You can repeat the last method as much as you want until you get the required XP.

So, this is how to change faction in New World and you cannot change a faction after you have made the second choice for a period of 120 days.     

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