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New World- How to Catch a Clam

New World Nightcrawler Bait Location - Where to Find

New World is an action survival game released by Amazon games on 28 September 2021. It is a PC game where the players have to do many things like crafting tools, harvesting resources, completing quests, PVP, fighting monsters, etc., to take control over their settlement.

If you have been playing New World for some time, you are already aware of the creature called Clam. It is one of the most difficult creatures to capture. It is not difficult because you need to level yourself up to catch it; it is one of the earliest quests you’ll get once you start playing the game. It is difficult because no one knows where to get Clam.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the locations where you can find Clam in New World.

New World- How to Catch a Clam

Finding Clam itself is a challenging task to accomplish, and to make it more complicated, you’ll have to find Clam along with Snails. You can find Clams in Saltwater only, while Snails are only available in Freshwater. Another problem that you’ll face if you are a new player is that identifying the saltwater. Freshwater can easily be identified because they are marked as blue, but not saltwater. Therefore, to get Clam, first find out the saltwater.

To find out the saltwater bodies check for the uneven lands with a slightly yellow shade. If you are a newcomer to this game, go to Everfall or Windsward to begin your search for Clam.

If you are in Windsward, then go to the right side of this territory, and you’ll find Cascade Harbor. You can start fishing here to catch Clam. Remember, you can only catch Clam by fishing. There is no other way to catch them. You’ll find a blue torch that marks the spots where you can get Clam.

If you are in Everfall, the west side of Everfall Tower is the best to begin your search. You’ll find a lot of saltwater bodies in this location. So, start fishing here to get Clam. Use Nightcrawler Bait to increase your chance to catch Clam in both of the cases. There is no specific pole to be used while catching Clam; you can catch them with any pole.

Even if it’s hard to find out the locations of Clam but not impossible, follow the above guide to know the locations of the Clam.

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