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New World is a newly released game by Amazon. Players need to do a lot of things in this game that includes harvesting resources, crafting items, getting settlement control, completing quests, fighting off enemies, cooking, and many other exciting things. If we talk about cooking meals in New World, Ginger is one of the ingredients which can be used to spice up your cuisines. Here is a guide to know where to find Ginger in New World.

Where to Find Ginger in New World

In order to find out Ginger in New World, you will need to go to the Wilds of Reekwater, Ebonscale Reach, and Windsward. Amongst these three regions, Windsward is the ideal location to find Ginger as there are several spots where Herbs spawn and so you will have the best chance of finding Ginger.

When you search in these locations, you will find some purple flowering bushes which are called ‘Herbs’. You need to pick up one of the plants in the locations mentioned and eventually, you will get Ginger ingredients.

However, you will not always get Ginger from Herbs you collect and harvest but you can increase your luck by leveling up your harvesting skills. The Herbs spawn in both of the above Reekwater and Ebonscale Reach are very limited but so far, we know only these two locations where you can find Herbs for Ginger.

There are several recipes such as Grilled Wolf Loin season with Squash, Honey Brew, Spiced Melon Pie, Honeyed Melon, Roasted Squash, Venison Jerky, and Strong Honey Brew.

That’s all for this guide on Where to Find Ginger in New World.

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