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New World Fae Iron Location – Where to Find

New World Fae Iron Location - Where to Find

Like most MMOs, crafting is one of the essential parts of the New World as well. Iron can be used to craft armor or weapons for your characters. One of the irons you need to find and collect is the Fae Iron which is a rare resource and can be used to get certain quality equipment. Since it is rare, getting Fae Iron is more about luck, but luckily, there are some ways where you can find Fae Iron in New World.  

Where to Find Fae Iron in New World – Location

To find out about Fae Iron in New World, you will need to find and mine Iron Veins. Although the chances of getting Fae Iron when you are mining Iron Veins is pretty low, this game has plenty of veins scattered around the map. So, you do not require to be in a particular location to collect them. No matter in which territory you are in, all you have to do is to find out rocky areas such as a mountain and search around. You will get several Iron Veins which you can mine to get Fae Iron.

If it is still difficult for you. Just open up your map and zoom in. You will see some brown patches on your territory. This is the location of mountains areas where you can find several veins.

Once you find veins, you can start gathering by using a pickaxe. And you will get your first pickaxe when you reach the first settlement at the beginning of the zone. Once you reach the settlement, you need to complete certain intro quests which are pretty easy. Ultimately, you will get a Flint Mining Pick which is your first basic pickaxe but you can easily get iron using this axe.

That all for this guide on Fae Iron location in New World.

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