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New World Disappeared from Steam Global Top Sellers – What’s Going On

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New World was topping the Steam Global Top Sellers for the past week and was on top until minutes ago, but the game has suddenly disappeared. If you have noticed that you must be wondering what’s going on. Is there a problem with the game as you can’t find it anywhere in the Steam Top Seller list?

Not that the game is not at the top, it’s simply not present in the list. If you are alarmed by the situation, don’t worry, this usually happens from time to time. A game that’s top of the chart may disappear momentarily as Steam determines the ranking. This happens all the time and it’s nothing out of the ordinary. Usually, the game will return to the top spot within a few minutes or hours.

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So, if you are wondering about an issue with the game, don’t be alarmed, the game is fine and should return to its rightful position in due time.   

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