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New World Cauliflower Locations – Where to Find

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New World features several cooking ingredients. Some of them are very easy to find and some others like Cauliflower, are rare and a bit tough to find the consumable item. Cauliflower can be used in several recipes such as Cornbread, Spicy Cabbage Soup, HerbRoasted Cabbage, Fried Albenaja, Vegetable Boil, etc. But, Cauliflower can be found only in certain locations. In the following guide, we are going to reveal all of these locations. Let’s learn Where to Find Cauliflower in New World.

Where to Find Cauliflower in New World

Check out the following certain areas to find Cauliflower in New World.

1. Edengrove

Edengrove is one of the best locations where you can find Cauliflower in the New World. This location has several crates that have Cauliflower, Inion, and Orange, and some other ingredients such as Milk. Start from the South outpost and go straight to the North to obtain 5 crates. Another spot in Edengrove is near the Outpost to the Northeast. Also, check out near the Weaver’s Fen boarder.

2. First Light

This location you will find at the beginning of the game is one of the best locations for Cauliflower. 

3. Dayspring Mills

This location is located above the First Light settlement where you will find a building. Just get into that building and find out a Provision Crate lying near an oven that has several items including Cauliflower.

4. Mourningdale

Mournindale location falls in the middle of Edengrove and First Light. 

That’s all for the locations where you can find Cauliflower in New World, but it is always recommended to look for some other areas also as crates are scattered across the region.

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