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New World Azoth Guide – How to Get Azoth

New World Azoth Guide - How to Get Azoth

Azoth is a mysterious substance in New World known for its exceptional power. There are range of important mechanics in the game that rely on this substance such as Azoth is required to reset the skills. You also cannot fast travel in the game without Azoth in your possession. Stick with this post and we will show you how to get Azoth in New World and its various uses.

How to Get Azoth in New World

While resetting the skills in one of the uses of Azoth, its use in fast travel comes even handier. So, without the possession of the substance, fast travel in the game is impossible. Every time you fast travel in the game, you consume a portion of the Azoth. The distance of your travel determines the amount of substance used. For further distance, you will require more Azoth.

Azoth at night

To get Azoth in New World, you need to kill mobs of level 20 or higher. The other way to acquire the precious substance is to complete quests. Some quests such as Indigestion and Forging Corruption’s Bane can get you a small amount of Azoth. Almost all types of bilelight enemies drop the substance.

So, if you want to farm Azoth in New World, start by completing quests and taking on higher level mobs.    

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