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New World Apple Locations- Where to Find Apples

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New World is a newly released survival game by Amazon Games only available on PC. This game gains popularity among gamers from the very beginning because of its quality and its fascinating storyline.

Like every other survival game, New World also has a cooking feature that lets the players eat the cooked food to regain their health faster. New World has a lot of cooking ingredients that the players need to find out or farm to make recipes that help them survive in the game. Apple is one of those ingredients that the players need for cooking recipes.

This guide will help you know where you can find apples in New World.

New World Apple Locations- Where to Find Apples

Apples are one of the trickiest ingredients you can get in the New World. You can get apples from Provision Crates in some specific regions. Reekwater and Brightwood are the two best regions to get apples. In Brightwood, Scavenger’s Shore and Forecastle Drift are the two best areas to find apples. You’ll find many crates in these two territories, and you have to hunt them all to find out which chest contains apples.

Though we say that you can find apples from Provision Crates, not all Crates contain apples. But, definitely, your chance of getting apples in these two regions is more than in the other areas. If you search all the chests, you’ll get a few apples to add to your inventory.

If you are facing difficulties while finding apples, you can follow this guide to get the locations of apples. Apples are hard to get, and you cannot find them here and there all over the map, but if you know the places, you can find a few apples to cook some of the recipes.

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