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New World Ancient Wooden Talismans Locations – Where to Find

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Collecting resources is perhaps the most important element of Amazon’s latest MMO New World. Ancient Wooden Talisman is also one of the rarity resources in this game. This item can be used in crafting to apply a bonus of Intelligence and Focus to the item. If you have no idea how to find Ancient Wooden Talismans in New World, here we give you all the details as there are several methods to obtain them. Let’s find out.

Where to Find Ancient Wooden Talismans in New World

There are multiple ways to find Ancient Wooden Talismans in New World. Go through the following ways.

1. Get it from Containers: In this game, there are several Chests, Supply Containers, and Crates are scattered throughout the Aeternum. So, always keep your eyes open and watch carefully to all of this stuff. You may get Ancient Wooden Talismans while opening them.

2. Drops from Ancient and Corrupted enemies: In the Aeternum, you will encounter several Corrupted and Ancient enemies. You may mostly find this item from Ancient enemies after killing them. These types of enemies you will find in and across Ancient Ruins. It is advisable to equip a War Hammer Weapon to beat them as it is the best weapon. It can offer the best Strike damage so it will be easier for you to beat.

3. Purchase from Trading Posts: One of the easiest and simplest ways to get Ancient Wooden Talismans in the New World is to purchase it from Trading Posts. If any players have kept this item on Sell Order, you can buy it from there.

That’s all for this guide on Where to Find Ancient Wooden Talismans in New World.

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