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New World: Ancient Mandibles Locations – Where to Find

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Crafting is one of the core gameplay elements in New World and that needs several items and resources to craft. One of the special resources in this game is Ancient Mandibles which can be used in crafting several items such as house furnishings and ammo by using different crafting stations. Let’s learn below Ancient Mandibles Locations in New World.

Ancient Mandibles Locations in New World

Following are various ways to find Ancient Mandibles in New World.

1. Get them from Containers: Throughout the Aeternum, you will find several Crates, Chests, and Supply Containers. Just keep on checking and you may find Ancient Mandibles from them.

2. Drops from Ancient and Corrupted enemies: Throughout your journey, you will encounter several enemies. Look for Corrupted and Ancient enemies and upon killing them, they will drop off items.

If you are lucky, you may obtain Ancient Mandibles from them. Mostly, Ancient enemies, you will find in or around Ancient Ruins and you can easily spot them as their skeletal nature are quite different. They take decreased damage from Fire and Slash damage but take increased damage from Void, Lighting, and Strike damage. Make sure to carry a War Hammer weapon in the battle as it is the ideal weapon as it can offer the best Strike damage.

3. Purchase them from Trading Posts: If you don’t want to find this item and want to get it easily, then you can buy it from Trading Posts. Open up your Trading Posts and you will find this item there if any other players have kept it there for sale. For the best deal, make sure to sort the list from Lowest to Highest.

That’s all for this guide on Where to Find Ancient Mandibles in New World.

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