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New World Ancient Bear Paws Locations – Where to Find

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New World is one of the popular open-world MMO PC games from Amazon Games. As you start exploring the world, you will need to find and collect several plants, stones, creatures, and resources. Some of them are special and Ancient Bear Paws are one of the special resources you will need to find New World. It can be used to craft several items. However, many players don’t know where to find Ancient Bear Paws in New World. So, in the following, we have provided a quick guide.

Where to find Ancient Bear Paws in New World

In order to find out Ancient Bear Paws in New World, there are essentially two ways. Check out the following details.

1. Skinning Bears: To find Bear Paws in New World, you will need to skin Bears and they may drop this item.

2. Purchase it From Trading Posts: The easiest option is to purchase it from Trading Post. Open up the Trading Post in your game and if any other player placed Ancient Bear Paws on a Sell Order, you can purchase it from there. You simply need to search the item and you will get the list. To find the best deal, make sure to check the list by sorting from Lowest to Highest.

This special resource can be used to make certain Suffixes and Perks in the equipment you farm. Open up your Special Resources tab and expand the menu to find out this item to use when you start crafting.

That’s all for this guide on Where to Find New World Ancient Bear Paws.

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