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New World Amrine Tuning Orbs Locations – Where to Find

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New World features several dungeons and battle arenas for PvE players to explore. However, to farm them, you will need Tuning Orbs which can be crafted to access particular Expeditions and Combat Arenas throughout the game. There are a total of 6 Expeditions and 3 Combat Arenas in New World. Amrine Tuning Orbs are one of the Orbs which is needed by one of the party members to enter into the Amrine Excavation. Here we will check out where to find Amrine Tuning Orbs in New World.

Where to find Amrine Tuning Orbs in New World

In order to craft the Amrine Tuning Orb, first of all, you will need to collect several items. Then you can craft Amrine Tuning Orb at a Stonecutting Table at Tier 3. Following are items you will be needed to craft Amrine Tuning Orbs in New World. Also, we will check how you can achieve/get them.

1. Stonecutting Level 25 

To increase your Stonecutting Level, all you need to do is simply making things at the Stonecutting table.

2. 1x Iron Chisel

Iron Chisel is easy to get. You can buy this material from Faction merchants in most of the cities. It will cost you 300 Faction tokens and 100 Gold plus.

3. 1x Eternal Heart

You can craft Eternal Heart on the Stonecutting Table. You will be needed 50x Death Mote, 50x Life Mote, and 50x Soul Mote.

4. 50x Stone Block

Stone Blocks can easily be crafted at Stone Cutting tables with the help of 4 stones.  

5. 10x Corrupted Silver

You can acquire Corrupted Silver from Corrupted Monolith. You can find them randomly on the Cave-like areas on the map. However, the easy way to find Corrupted Silver is to search and open up the Corrupted Caches which can be found at all Corrupted Monolith.

Once you collect all of these items, you can easily craft Amrine Tuning Orbs at a Stonecutting Table at Tier 3.

That’s it for this guide on Where to Find Amrine Tuning Orbs in New World.

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