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New World – A Prickly Request Guide | How to Complete

New World - A Prickly Request Guide How to Complete

In the game of New World, several missions are more challenging than expected. One of the challenging missions is Windsward in which players need to collect certain things from the world such as Briar Branches, Plucked Turkeys, and Skinned Rabbits. All of these items can be found around Everfall and here we are going to show you how to get each of these items and how to complete A Prickly Request in New World.

How to Complete a Prickly Request in New World

In order to complete A Prickly Request in New World, you will need to fulfil the following requirements.

1. Obtain Plucked Turkeys

To get Plucked Turkeys, go straight to the marker location at Emberwood. Here you will find Turkeys all around. Just kill and skin them. You will need at least 6 Plucked Turkeys which are quite sufficient to find out.

2. Collect Briar Branches

When you head to the West of Everfall, there you will find Briar Branches, close to the small pond in the forest area. Here you will find about 8 Briar Branches which are more than sufficient to complete a Prickly Request.

3. Collect Skinned Rabbits

This part will be more challenging in this quest. Because they are not at the marker location and so they are tricky to find. However, you can find them around the Everfall location where you will get some Rabbit. You only need to kill them and collect skinned rabbits. Here, you only need to collect a single rabbit for the requirement of A Prickly Quest.

Once you collect all of these materials, bring them to Barkeep Cormack in Windsward and that’s it. You have completed A Prickly Quest in New World successfully!

That’s all for this guide on how to complete A Prickly Quest in New World.

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