New Trailer of Trans-Siberian Railway Simulator Released

 New Trailer of Trans-Siberian Railway Simulator Released

This is a simulator developed by Pentacle based on the Russian locomotive and the longest railway track in the world. It’s a single-player survival game.

Trans-Siberian Railway Simulator is developed by Pentacle and published by PlayWay S.A. It will be released soon on steam.

The game takes you to the beautiful suburb and wildness of Siberia. Our goal in this game is to survive the weather and the wild animal during our trip on the longest railway line in the world.  During our long journey, we might have to face obstacles like fallen trees on the railway track which we need to cut down and remove to progress.

The games come with 2 modes for the player to play:

1-     Survival Mode: in this mode, the player needs to constantly take care of various things in the locomotive and the surrounding area so that the locomotive doesn’t derail or get damaged. This mode is for a player who wants a challenge. Also In this mode, you need to hunt or fight the wildlife to survive and even make way on the tracks by cutting down fallen trees or other things.

2-     Simulator mode: This is a typical simulator made where the main goal is to follow the railway signal and rules and deliver a good locomotive in a good state. In this mode, the player doesn’t need to fight or hunt wildlife or even clean tracks.

Key features of the game:

·        The appearance of the locomotive is the same as the real one.

·        The controls of the locomotive are simplified to make it player friendly.

·        Parts of the locomotive which are wearing out need to replace as well.

·        Railways signals and rules are a must to follow otherwise derailing or damaging the locomotive is possible.

·        Players can use weapons to hunt the animals and sometimes for self-defence.

·        You can earn money by delivering cargo or by accepting additional side quests.

·        You can also drink but you need to maintain a certain level of soberness otherwise you will fail the mission.

You can check out the game on steam and the PlayWay S.A websites. The link for both of them is given below.

Shubham Chaurasia

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