New Pokémon Snap – How to Get Four Stars for Photos

New Pokémon Snap is all set to launch on 30th April for Nintendo Switch. In this game, there are two types of ranking systems – stars and points. These both ranking systems have nothing to do with each other as both are separate. In this game, players will take on the role of budding Pokémon photos in the Lentil region.

Each photo will get 1 to 4 stars, indicating how common or rare the behavior displayed is. Gamers will have to take several photos to fill out their Photodex, which is their collection of Pokémon photographs. Here we will learn how to get Four Stars for photos.

How to Get Four Stars for Photos in New Pokémon Snap

You can try to get a 4-star photo from any Pokémon by using the following actions.

1. Fluffruit

This is an all-new item that looks like an apple and it is used to lure and trigger reactions from Pokémon.

2. Illumina Orbs

This can be used on Pokémon to create an illumine Phenomenon. That will allow you to witness potentially something special and exceptional moments which can be helpful to capture those rare and unique moments.

3. Melody

You may also play the melody to set Pokémon to dance. When you play the melody, it can be heard in large areas so this is the perfect item to take large photos in a group.

4. Scan

Scan mode will trigger a small reaction from Pokémon around you. Many times, these reactions are a bit short so you need to be very quick to take the perfect shot.

It is important to note that both of the ranking systems are separate. That means, score you get for each photo will not have any effect on the star-rating system you receive from Professor Mirror.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Four Stars for photos in New Pokémon Snap. Also learn, How to Fix Pokémon Go Snapshot Task/Quest Glitch?

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