New Pokémon Snap – How to Complete the Swimming Clamperl Request

Pokémon Snap game has several Pokémon in the natural environment and your job is to catch their photographs in many locations all over the Lental region. Since Clamperl does not move much and mostly stays submerged in sand, you need to put in some effort to complete this request.

Here is the complete guide on how to complete the Swimming Clamperl request in Pokémon Snap.

How to Complete the Swimming Clamperl Request in New Pokémon Snap

As we have mentioned, Clamperl usually stays submerged in sand and doesn’t move around, you need to use other Pokémon near the location. You can tempt it out of the sand and let it swim through the water. This is the moment when you can capture its rare sight.  

When you explore the Maricopia region on the Lental Seafloor tour, you can do this action. Make sure to search through this region on research level 2.

While moving in this location, the very first thing you need to do is to ensure you have removed the boulder blocking the pathway on the left side. To reach this side, make sure to use an Illumina orb on a Clawitzer to smash that boulder. 

That Illumina orb gives the Pokémon the power to smash this object and that will allow you a passage on the left side of the map. Then, you need to accept going down that route to go ahead.

The Clamperl will not appear quite often, so enjoy the sights and take as many pictures as you want. After this, follow the same route and make sure to pay attention when you’re close to the end, here you will see Lumineon biting the sand.

Wait here till you see a Lumineon shift through the sand near a Clamperl sheel and then throw a fluffruit at them to lure. When the Lumineon comes close to the fluffruit’s location, it will shove the Clamperl and send it flying. You need to take the snap of this moment and the Swimming Clamperl request is completed with this.

Once done, make sure to come back to the research camp, turn the request on your main menu, and receive the rewards as you have completed the task successfully. Also, make sure to show Professor Mirror the pictures at the end of the tour. Otherwise, it will not count.

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