New Pokémon Snap – How to complete A Light in the Depths Request

New Pokémon Snap is an all-new game that is inspired by the 1999 Nintendo 64 game. This new game adventure will take you from island to island on an ecological survey. During the journey, you will photograph Pokémon and build your own Pokémon Photodex. In this game, there are several requests you need to complete. One of them is a Light in the Depths Request. In this request, you will take a picture of a Lanturn that is surrounded by Frillish. You can take those photographs in the Maricopia region on the Lental Seafloor tour.

If you have no idea how to complete a Light in the Depths Request, here is a complete guide.

How to complete a Light in the Depths request in New Pokémon Snap

First of all, you need to use an Illumina orb on a Clawitzer to destroy some rocks where you will find the pathway so that you can reach the specific route that contains this Lanturn. That Illumina orb gives the Pokémon the power to smash this object and that will allow you a passage on the left side of the map.

Down to this route, you will not meet anyone for some time so keep moving and look around and take some nice pictures and wait till the NEO-ONE take you further down.

You need to wait for the moment when a Sharkpedo rushes after a Lanturn, and then a Wailord encounters past your device. Subsequently, look around for a Lanturn on either side of a male and female Frillish.  

In order to complete a Light in the Depth request, you need to take the pictures of the Lanturn when the Frillish will tickle it. It could be quite tough as there are many Wailmers are swimming. So, make sure to take the picture of Lanturn. In case, your picture has a focus on Frillish and not Lanturn, it won’t count for the request.

That’s all for this guide on How to complete a Light in the Depths Request. Also learn, How to Get Shiny Nuzleaf in Pokémon Go?

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