NBA 2K23: How to Get More Green Shots

NBA 2K23: How to Get More Green Shots

NBA 2K23 is the newest edition of one of the most popular basketball games. If you’re looking for an immersive experience, this game has everything – from officially licensed player rosters to jaw-dropping graphics that make every possession feel real. There’s no better way to spend your free time than playing on the court with other players online or against computer opponents when you want some solo action.

Learning to get green shots in NBA 2K23 will take some practice, as it always does in a new NBA 2K game. Fortunately, a new option in the controller settings can help you score more green shots. This guide will see how to get green shots in NBA 2K23.

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Getting More Green Shots in NBA 2K23

Different options might work out better to get more green shots in NBA 2K23. If you go into the Options menu and then click on Controller Settings, you will see an option called Shot Timing Release Time. This option lets you choose when exactly you would like to press the button for your shot to count as green. 

To get more green shots, we recommend turning off the shot meter. More often than not, it’s an unwanted distraction. When shooting from a distance, leave your thumb on the button for only 1 second after the animation starts playing before releasing it. Once again, while getting used to this timing may take some practice, it will soon become natural too. Remember that you can always play around with the release time if desired, though – we won’t judge.

This concludes our guide to obtaining more green shots in NBA 2K23. Continue reading our other guides to learn more about this game.

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