NBA 2K23: How to Get Dunk Meter

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NBA 2K23 is an advanced game for basketball lovers of all ages. This engaging and interactive game allows you to enjoy many different things, from playing with your friends to messing around in single-player mode. Whether shooting hoops alone or challenging others online, there’s never been a better time to pick up a controller.

Nothing in this world can compare to the adrenaline rush experienced when one dunks a basketball – whether you’re playing against an opponent or simply shooting hoops in the backyard. With such satisfying sound, seeing those nettings go flying and hearing those cheers from the spectators who’ve gathered around – there isn’t anything else quite like it. 

In NBA 2K23, players return to this meter once again, which determines if they can complete a dunk, but no matter how hard they try, it’s just too difficult for them this time around. To find out how to access this Dunk Meter for yourself – follow these simple steps below.

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Getting Dunk Meter

The dunk meter returns this year in NBA 2K23. The Meter works like other scales in NBA 2K, namely the Shot Meter. When starting a move, the Meter will appear, and one must time their move, in this case, a dunk, alley-oop, or layup, so it lands on the green portion of the Gauge. 

It sounds easy enough at first glance, but now it seems harder. First things first, though, let’s look at how to activate the Dunk Meter in NBA 2K23. Here are the button sequences you need to know:

  • Tap the Turbo button (R2 or RT) while driving to the basket.
  • Hold up on the right stick when you are close enough. 
  • Flick down when the dunk animation starts, but be quick.
  • Flick down twice faster and hold it down.

Just keep practising until you are confident in your dunking skills. With enough practice, there will come a day when you can hit the Dunk Meter whenever needed. This sums up our guide on getting a dunk meter in NBA 2K23.  Also, keep reading our other guides for more information about this game. 

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