NBA 2K23: How to Change Starting Lineup

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NBA 2K23 is an advanced and revolutionary game. It allows you to do many different things, including playing with your friends or messing around while in single-player mode. NBA 2K23 has never been this great before – it’s time to grab a controller if you haven’t already.

Customizing your play experience is one of the main draws in sports games, and NBA 2K23 doesn’t disappoint you. There are various options to tailor the experience how you want it, including changing your team’s starting lineup. You’ll find out exactly how in this guide on changing around which starters go where with NBA 2K23.

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Changing Starting Lineup

NBA 2K23’s most important element is MyCareer, which allows players to experience the regular season and playoff-like never before. Changing your NBA team’s starting lineup is just one way to personalize the experience.

MyCareer doesn’t feature customizable rosters like last year’s but allows you to swap players and switch teams. Since these are current NBA teams, trading and drafting are the only ways to change the roster significantly. To do this, 

  • Go to the Coach Gameplan section of MyCareer.
  • Click on the coaching tab or the pause menu in the main menu to change your starting lineup. 

To start a new game in NBA 2K23 MyCareer mode, you’ll need to set up your lineup before you begin. To set the lineup, 

  • Select the team or teams that you want to play as and press X. 
  • Now select which player will start at each position – including three-point shooting.
  • From there, select who goes on the bench or substitute when someone gets injured during gameplay. 
  • If anyone leaves due to an injury during gameplay, switch them out with someone else from your roster.

This sums up our guide on changing starting lineup in NBA 2K23. For more information about this game, keep checking out our other guides. 

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