NBA 2K22 – How Triple Threat Online Works

NBA 2K22 - How Triple Threat Online Works

NBA 2K22 is finally out and this time, there are several changes in MyTeam mode. One of the most notable new changes is the re-designed of the Triple Threat Online system. Earlier, players used to get many rewards if they win the games. This means the novel or unskilful players often bounce out of this mode without taking anything. So, to fill up this gap, MyTeam has now introduced a new feature – Triple Threat Online. Let’s learn below how Triple Threat Online works in NBA 2K22.

How Triple Threat Online works in NBA 2K22

In this new feature, now every time a player kickoffs a set of Triple Threat Online, he will get 100 points to work with. Once the game is finished, whether you lose or win, those points your rival scored will be deducted from the 100 points. Once you hit 0, you will be reset again to the bottom tier of prizes.

It means, even if you lose all the games, then also every player can now knock the 2nd Tier prizes. Thus, that is a very big plus for those players who have put in a lot of effort to get on the prize board. So, this is your chance to get real rewards while getting well at this game.

However, this change is not favorable for high-skilled and professional players. Earlier, the expert players could count on their skills to obtain them through tough games and continue to put efforts their way to achieve higher on the board. But now, tight games take them one step closer to resetting their prize board. 

That’s everything you need to know about How Triple Threat Online works in NBA 2k22.

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