NBA 2K22: How Do You Buy Clothes and Shoes

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The fans of the NBA 2K series can now enjoy playing its latest edition NBA 2K22 with new features and customizations. Now, you can give your character completely a new look. You can buy shoes, clothes, and accessories for your champ so he can look good too. However, many players are wondering how to access this feature and how to buy Clothes and Shoes in NBA 2K22. Well, in the below guide, we are going to show you everything. Let’s find out how do you buy Clothes and Shoes in NBA 2K22.

NBA 2K22: Where to buy clothes & shoes?

To buy clothes and shoes in NBA 2K22, it is important to know that it varies depending on the version you have – Current Generation version (For PS4 or Xbox One) OR New Generation Version (For PS5 or Xbox X|S Series). Here is the guide for both of these versions.

For the Current Generation version (PS4 or Xbox One) 

If you are a PS4 or Xbox One user, first of all, load the map and then find out the nearest elevator. Get into it, scroll down and find out Deck 4. Here, find and select Promenade, the Cancha del Mar’s shopping district. Once you reach the Promenade location, here you will notice 10 different clothing stores. You can pick any of them to buy shoes and clothing in NBA 2K22. 

Here you will find essential stores such as Swag’s and NBA store. Also, you can buy from some other brands’ stores that include Under Armor, Converse, Nike, Adidas, New Balance, and much more. Just get into the store and start buying.

For the Next Generation version (PS5 or Xbox Series X|S)

If you are a PS5 or Xbox Series X|S user, you need to go to the City to find out the clothing stores. Open up the menu and you will have a list of all clothing stores. Like current-gen, you will find both essential as well as branded stores. 

Make sure to collect plenty of VC to buy shoes, clothes, and other accessories from these stores.

That’s all for this guide on how do you buy Clothes and Shoes in NBA 2K22.

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